You can’t discover light by analyzing darkness

You can't discover light by analyzing darkness


Free will vs judgments

Your free will only really works for choosing to be in your core or not. Don’t waste your free will on choosing right or wrong. These are considered “judgements”. And judgement is an application of free will that creates stagnation in the flow of life and keeps you stuck in one of the polarities. 

The longer you are stuck, the more painful it is.

From the book -“The Value of truth “By Arathi Ma

I try to let go… But am bogged down by the experience(s) i have… I try to tell myself..i AM not the experience or emotion…. But guess..I yet have to identify with it…


Share your experiences, if any…💖💖

Step off the merry-go-round 

The mind will always offer a new thing to go after and when achieved it won’t bring the peace or happiness we actually were looking for. Like a hamster in its wheel, you will only keep yourself on a merry-go-round. If you want to stop suffering, you use your free will. 

You must choose to step off the merry-go-round. 

This plunges you into your core essence.