Ganesha removes obstacles

Oh dear Ganesha please recover obstacles in my life and in those who pray to you from the heart🙏🌺🕉🌟

Ganesha says be playful

Baby Ganesha and his little mouse are on a troll…Ganesha says : Be playfulGanesha loves to play🙃😊🙏🏼🌺🌸Fb/SpiritualAndDivineSerendipity #SpiritualAndDivineSerendipity Pic courtesy: internet

Ganesha-Trust in your personal power

Ganesh Mantra Om Gung Ganpataye Namah Trust in you're personal power is what Ganesha says today: Happy Ganesha Chaturthi🌸💕🌺🌟⭐️🌼🌷🌻✨🌺🌺🌺💗 Will be posting a message from Ganesha each day of the festival…Stay in touch..Fb/SpiritualAndDivineSerendipity

Dharti Ambar sitaare.. Jiski nazre utaare – Shri Ganesha

Happy birthday to Ganeshji :):):)   Ganpati bappa morya  Dharti Ambar sitaare.. Jiski nazre utaare… Dar bhi jis se dara re… Shree Ganesha Deva.. Shree Ganesha Deva And here is a cute joke received from a friend: Parvati: Gannu, Baby, you really should start gymming now 😊 Ganpati: I’m not fat, I’m pleasantly plump Parvati:…