Bhakti~ sochu tujhe to hai subaah sochu tujhe toh shaam hai

Ultimate devotion~ Bhakti ❤
Lord Krishna and Meera

‎”Life always flows in search of joy and the highest joy is in the Divine.
 We must always aim to attain the Divine. If you aim for the highest, your smaller desires will come to you (be fulfilled) anyway. 

If there is thirst you will get water. If there is no thirst, one would not bother about water. Similarly, there should be a thirst within us to attain the Divine, to know the highest truth, to know what life is, to know who we are.” Sri Sri.

~~~ kya hum hain kya rab hai jahan tu hai wahin sab hai  ~~~

♥ ~* ~ sochu tujhe to hai subaah sochu tujhe toh shaam hai…

haan manjilon pe ab toh meri ek hi tera naam hai…

teri aag meri jalti koyle se Mira banake…

khwaabo se aagey chal ke hai tujhe bataana…

tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana… mera ishq sufiyana… :):) ~* ~ ♥


I welcome you

दबी दबी सांस में सुना था मैंने, बोले बिना मेरा नाम आया 
पलकें झुकी और उठने लगी तो, होले से उसका सलाम आया 
जब बोले वो जब बोले ,उसकी आँख में रब बोले

पास पास ही रहना तुम, आँख आँख में कहना तुम 
देखा तुम्हे तो आराम आया… ♥

Mai atoot pyaas tu jheel hai – I am the seeker, Thou the ocean

Oh! I just came across these beautiful lines today at a divine Satsang and could not help but putting them across 🙂

Something very close to my heart ❤ 🙂
Na sabut hai na daleel hai, mere sath mera rabbe-jaleel hai.
Teri rehmaton mein koi kami nahi, meri ehtiyat mai dheel hai.
Kaun juda kar sake hame, mai atoot pyas tu jheel hai”

which roughly translates to ….(on request – any better suggestions are welcome 🙂

“There is no evidence, nor is there any debate, God is for sure with me,
There is no dearth in His generosity, its me who’s the careless..
There is no force which can separate us, I am the Seeker, Thou The Ocean “

Om Namah bhagwate vasudevayah

Happy Janmashtami!

Bara natkhat hai …
Nand ka Lala…. 🙂

All you need is love… when George Harrison sang these lines, wonder if he had been thinking about Lord Krishna! Krishna’s birthday is celebrated all over the world as Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna Jayanthi or Gokulashtami. No other deity’s birth is enveloped in such high drama.

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What is Hare Krishna?

With Janamashtami round the corner .. lets explore the meaning of Hare Krishna….

Who is Krishna? Why do people dress in robes and chant His name on the streets? What is the philosophy of these Krishna devotees? What’s the meaning of their chant?

Krishna is a name of the Supreme. It means “all- attractive.” Anything that might attract you has its source in the Supreme. Therefore the Supreme is also known as Rama (rhymes with “drama”). “Rama” means “the highest eternal pleasure.”

All of us are pleasure-seeking creatures. So you can say that directly or indirectly we are all seeking Krishna. Chanting Hare Krishna is a way of seeking Krishna directly.

As for the word “Hare” (pronounced huh-ray), it’s a call to Krishna’s divine energy. Just as the sun shines forth to us through its energies like heat and light, the Supreme reveals Himself through His multitude of energies. If the Supreme is the source of everything, then whatever we see–and even what we don’t see– belongs to the energy of the Supreme.

Now we’re trying to exploit that energy, but the more we try the more entangled we get and the more complex our life becomes. But when we place ourselves in harmony with Krishna and Krishna’s energy, we return to our natural, pure state of consciousness. This is what we call “Krishna consciousness.”

Krishna consciousness is not something imposed on the mind. On the contrary, it’s already inside of each of us, waiting to come out, like fire in a match. Chanting Hare Krishna brings out that natural, pure state of mind.

The chant is called a mantra, a vibration of sound that cleanses the mind, freeing it from anxiety and illusion. And this is a mantra anyone can chant. It’s for people of all religions, all nations, all colors, and both sexes. No need to pay any fees, join any group, or turn your life upside down. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can try the chanting for yourself and experience its result.

Krishna and His energy are fully present in the sound of the mantra, so even if we don’t know the language or intellectually understand how it works, by coming in touch with Krishna we’ll become happy, and our life will become sublime.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare