Winning and Losing

Somehow… I have always learnt to be in and work towards a win-win situation rather than a win-lose situation…..
Felt like jotting down some thoughts which I had read a while ago….

After failing for the 2nd time, Edmund Hillary challenged Mt. Everest “I’ll come again & conquer you, coz as a mountain u cant grow, but as a human I can”
(aww! leave d qoute aside.. i wanna go hiking right now :P)

I can accept failure.
Everyone fails at something…
But I can’t accept not trying…
~~ Michael Jordan

The most important lesson I have learnt from sports is how not to be only a gracious winner,
but a goo loser as well.
Not everyone wins al the time, as a matter of fact.. no one wins all the time…..
Winning is the easy part,
losing is really tough.
But you learn more from one loss,
than you do from a milion wins (yups.. abs right!)

You learn a lot about sportsmanship.
I mean its really tough to shake a hand of someone who just beat you, and its even harder to do so with a smile….