Infinity is born out of yoga and meditation

Param Pujya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explaining the esoteric meaning of Krishna Janmashtami. 

The most authentic way of celebrating Janmashtami is knowing that you have to play a dual role – of being a responsible human being and at the same time to realize that you are above all events, the untouched Brahman. Imbibing a bit of avadhoot and a bit of activism in your life is the real significance of celebrating Janmashtami. Awaken the Krishna in your consciousness – “Krishna is not separate from me, he is within me’, this feeling will fill your life with Krishna.वास्तविक रूप में जन्माष्टमी मनाने का अर्थ है यह जानना कि तुम्हें जीवन में दोहरी भूमिका निभानी है – एक उत्तरदायी व्यक्ति होने कि और साथ ही सभी परिस्थितियों से परे अक्षत ब्रह्म में स्थापित होने की| जीवन में थोड़ा अंश अवधूत का और थोड़ा अंश सक्रियता का रखना ही जन्माष्टमी का वास्तविक अभिप्राय है| कृष्ण को अपनी चेतना में जगाओ – “कृष्ण मुझसे पृथक नहीं हैं, वह मुझमें हैं|”, ऐसी भावना तुम्हारा जीवन कृष्ण से भर देगी| 

Other submitted details:

Krishna (the embodiment of bliss, infinity and love) was born of the union of Devaki (the body) and Vasudeva (the prana/mind). However, they were imprisoned by the brother of Devaki (the body) called Kamsa (the ego). The guards kept them imprisoned (the senses that keep us engaged, keep our awareness outside, not allowing us to experience the infinity within us).
When Krishna was born, the guards went asleep (senses turned inwards). However, Devaki (the body) could not sustain Krishna (the bliss), he had to be taken to Yashoda (the love, devotion). Otherwise Kamsa (the ego) might kill Krishna (once the ego arises, it perverts the pure bliss or love).
So in order to protect that Bliss or Infinity, the prana (Vasudeva) takes it across the river of love/devotion (Yamuna).
Infinity is born out of yoga and meditation (the union of body and prana/mind), but yoga alone cannot sustain it – what is needed to nourish it, to allow it to mature and blossom, is devotion (bhakti) and love.

I wish all a beautiful Krishna Janmashtami.. that Krishna may be born in your life, and fill your life with Love, Infinity and Bliss!


Upanishands 2012 – a discourse with Sri Sri at Los Angeles

At Los Angeles – April 2012

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The Annual celebration of Spiritual Inquisitiveness returns to the beautiful Los Angeles Center of the Art of Living Foundation. 
The Upanishads, literally translated as “Coming together”, are treasured teachings passed from Learned Masters to the Seekers. 
Their timeless wisdom is made astoundingly accessible and relevant in this live discourse by one of the world’s most well recognized Spiritual leaders – His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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