Goddess mahakali protects…🙏🏼Om Mahakali Namah🙏🏼She is the darker side of Goddess Durga and no demon or evil can be around in her grace and presence🙏🏼🌺Om Mahakali Om🌺🙏🏼Goddess Mahakali…May all stay safe and protected in her grace..She is invincible and rejoices in eliminating demons🙏🏼🌺🌺✨🌟⭐️May all be protected.. And may all stay safe🙏🏼

Travel safety

I recently came across a pic of Lord Mercury…. I didn't know about Lord Mercury and travel connection.But it did look very similar to Lord #Hanuman ji… He is also known as #Maruti Nandan, which means soon of #GodOfAir… And is worshipped for safe travels..Hanuman ji 🙏🏼🌸🌺 is also known as #Pawan putra Hanuman, meaning…