Om Gung Ganpataye Namah

Om Gung Ganpataye Namah   The Meaning of Ganesha Gan means group. The universe is a group of atoms and different energies. This universe would be in chaos if there was no supreme law governing these diverse groups of entities. The Lord of all these groups of atoms and energies is Ganesha. He is the…

Wealth Rising with Goddess Lakshmi

Om Shree Maha LAKSHMI Namah… The Goddess of Abundance Since a lot of you inboxed more info about it I thought I’d share it here. I came across this great program recently and sharing for everyone’s benefit ShreemBrzee And WealthRising

Love and light

Such a powerful positive intention to stay with and think for others💗💗💗🕉🌟😇🙏 Inbox me:

Lead me from Darkness to Light-Happy Dussera

Beautiful Pavaman Verse The Pavamana Mantra (pavamāna meaning “being purified) also known as pavamāna abhyāroha (abhyāroha, lit. “ascending”, being an Upanishadic technical term for “prayer” is a Hindu mantra introduced in the Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad Asato Ma Sadgamayah Tamso Ma Jyotirgamayah Mrityormah Amritamganayah It means: Lead me from falsehood to truth, Lead me from darkness to…

Hymn to Goddess Shakti

Here's a simple, yet powerful hymn praising Goddess Shakti🙏🌟✨🌺🌸 🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺

Nine Nights of the Goddess -Shubh Navratri

Celebrating the Nine Nights of the Divine Goddess, starting Sep 21, 2017 Here is a repost from an 11-year post (imported from another highly popular blog I used to write on) 🙂 and here is beautiful Goddess Durga ❤ Happy Navratras Navratras, or navratris, or nau-ratri – various names in which Hindus celebrate this festival…

Ganesha says be playful

Baby Ganesha and his little mouse are on a troll…Ganesha says : Be playfulGanesha loves to play🙃😊🙏🏼🌺🌸Fb/SpiritualAndDivineSerendipity #SpiritualAndDivineSerendipity Pic courtesy: internet